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The Knee joint requires the interaction of muscular contractions and ligamentous stability to insure proper mechanics and function. Unfortunately, the countless repetitions over the course of an individual’s lifetime can make it susceptible to breakdown. From muscular strains to fracture, the physicians and staff at Shore Orthopaedic University Associates are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of such conditions.

Quadriceps Sparing Knee Replacement

In the Quadriceps Sparing Knee Replacement Approach, the surgeon instead of cutting the quadriceps muscle and tendon, comes under this muscle to slide it to the outside of the knee and allow the joint to be exposed and surgically replaced with a prosthesis without cutting the muscle and tendon.

Because the quadriceps muscle and tendon remain intact throughout the surgical procedure, the patient may experience improved ability to immediately walk, faster recovery and progression from walker to cane and then off the cane and improved strength and function particularly for stairs and getting out of chairs.  Patients also report less postoperative pain.

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