Shore Orthopaedic University Associates
Orthopaedic Specialties

Shore Orthopaedic University Associates has maintained a leadership role in southern New Jersey for over thirty five years. Our team of experienced skilled doctors are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art orthopaedic care to our patients including arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement, reconstructive surgery, minimally invasive surgery, hand surgery, sports medicine, orthopaedic trauma care and fracture care. 

The physicians at Shore Orthopaedic University Associates are trained in the practice of general orthopaedics; additionally each of our doctors has devoted additional training and surgical expertise in orthopaedic sub-specialties.  The surgeons at Shore Orthopaedic University Associates are experts in diagnosing musculoskeletal disorders, identifying and treating injuries, providing rehabilitation to an affected area and establishing a prevention protocol to inhibit further damage to a diseased area or component of the musculoskeletal system.

Shore Orthopaedic University Associates is dedicated to caring for the patient and treating their orthopaedic problems non-operatively whenever possible. Additional treatment options for patients may include medication for pain or inflammation or therapy, such as stretching and strengthening exercises.

The practice also provides the added convenience of three office locations: Somers Point, Galloway Township and Cape May Court House, as well as on-site X-ray and physical/hand therapy, manged by NovaCare at all three locations.

Areas of Specialty:

Total Joint Replacement
Sports Medicine
Shoulder and elbow
Hand & Wrist
Foot & Ankle
Neck & Back

Learn out more about our orthopaedic specialties

SpecialtiesNeck & Back

The Spine is a complex structure that provides both mobility and strength. Proper functioning of the neck and back allows for fluid, effortless movement. But, when there is a deformity, injury or disease of the spine, common activities such as turning, bending, or stretching often become painful… Read more

Specialties2Shoulder & Elbow

The Shoulder is the most flexible joint in your body and, along with the Elbow, has a significant impact on the average person’s daily activities, recreation, sports performance, and quality of life. Disorders affecting a person’s shoulder and elbow region can have a strong negative effect on everyday life and functioning Read more


The Hip is a “ball and socket” joint requiring precise interaction to insure proper mechanics and function. Unfortunately, the countless repetitions over the course of an individual’s lifetime can make it susceptible to breakdown. From muscular strains to fracture Read more


The Knee joint requires the interaction of muscular contractions and ligamentous stability to insure proper mechanics and function. Unfortunately, the countless repetitions over the course of an individual’s lifetime can make it susceptible to breakdown. From muscular strains to fracture… Read more


Specialties6Total Joint Replacement

Osteoarthritis, the most common form of degenerative knee disease, weakens and breaks down cartilage and bone, causing pain as bones rub together … Read more

Specialties5Sports Medicine

Shore Orthopaedic University Associates’ expert staff of Sports Medicine physicians is highly trained in the field of caring for active individuals of all ages … Read more

Specialties7Hand & Wrist

Most people use their Hands and Wrists for a majority of their daily activities, most of the time without ever stopping to think about it. The wrist and hand are two of the most complex and susceptible areas of the body to injury … Read more

Specialties8Foot & Ankle

The average person walks more than 100,000 miles in a lifetime. To accomplish this, one’s feet must be strong and stable. But with the constant impact of walking and running, it’s not surprising that the Foot and Ankle ... Read more