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Physical Therapy Contact Info & Directions

24 MacArthur Blvd Somers Point, NJ 08244   609-927-5463
18 E. Jimmie Leeds Road Galloway, NJ 08205   609-404-4804
9 Stites Avenue CMCH, NJ 08210   609-463-6883


Following a thorough evaluation, our licensed therapists provide each patient with an individualized treatment approach. Our ultimate goal is obtaining superior functional outcomes that allow patients to return to a full life of sports, work, and recreation. Shore Orthopaedics’ Physical Therapy Team combines the latest therapy techniques with a continuous learning process giving our patients the best in rehabilitation services. Our staff members attend continuing education courses throughout the year to stay current with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. We also allow our therapist ample time to tailor their treatment to each patient’s specific needs. We emphasize manual therapy techniques, which means our patients primarily receive hands-on care. We complement manual therapy with education and exercise programs helping patients gain independence by learning how to manage conditions on their own. Shore Orthopaedic Physical Therapy strives to create a comfortable, fully-equipped environment for our patients so that you are back to 100% when your rehabilitation is complete. The Shore Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Center is managed by Doug Dannehower, PT. Doug is an Orthopaedic Certified Specialist (OCS), of NovaCare Rehabilitation, and has over twenty years of experience including hands-on treatment of professional and college athletes, such as members of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Meet Our Physical Therapists   

Douglas A. Dannehower, PT,  FAAOMPT

Mark Walsh, PT, DPT, MS, CHT, ATC

Grady Brozyna, MSPT, OCS, COMT, CSCS

Megan Kozlowski, DPT

Stephanie Tischer, MS, OTR/L, CLT

Wendy M. McCann, DPT, Center Manager

Melissa Ring, DPT

Chriptopher C. Hanson, PT, MPT, DMT, OCS, FAAOMPT – Center Manager

Larry Justin “LJ” Georgetti, DPT

Nathan Roberts, PT, DPT




Shore Orthopaedic Hand Therapy services offers specialized treatment of the hand, wrist, and elbow injuries. The treatment of those with work-related, athletic, or degenerative conditions includes a custom tailored therapeutic program based on an individual’s condition, age, and lifestyle. Our hand therapists, and occupational therapists (OCTs) work closely with our orthopedic surgeons to ensure consistency and communication to enhance each patient’s recovery. Individually focused comprehensive treatment includes: custom molded splints, hands-on soft tissue mobilization/stretching, individualized exercise programs, education in injury prevention, and ergonomic training. Dr. Mark Walsh has 34 years of experience caring for patients with Upper Extremity Dysfunction.  Mark is credentialed since 1991 as a Board Certified Hand Therapist.  He is also an Assistant Clinical Professor at Drexel, College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences with teaching responsibilities in the Post Professional Program and the Graduate Certificate Program of Hand and Upper Extremity Management and a lecturer at Arcadia University Department of Physical Therapy.  Mark is also nationally recognized as an accomplished author of over 20 journal and book chapters related to the hand and upper extremity rehabilitation.