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Osteoarthritis, the most common form of degenerative knee disease, weakens and breaks down cartilage and bone, causing pain as bones rub together.

Today, there is help for those who have severe pain or disability due to the breakdown of cartilage and bone. Total joint replacement surgery has demonstrated to be an extremely successful type of procedure in relieving pain and providing good mobility and quality of life for patients.

Commonly Treated Conditions:


Commonly Performed Joint Replacement Surgeries:

Pelvis and Hip Joint










Joint Replacement Surgeons
Stephen J. Zabinski, MD
› Richard B. Islinger, MD
› George C. Alber, MD
› Thomas A. Barrett, MD
› Frederick G. Dalzell, MD
› Damon A. Greene, MD

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Performed by: Shore Orthopaedic University Associates Orthopaedic Surgeons

Hip: Stephen J. Zabinski, MD

Knee: Stephen J. Zabinski, MD

Ankle: Ira M. Fox, DPM

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